Top 9 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Government jobs are known for their good benefits, security, and promotion. That’s why everyone wants to give first priority to government jobs. There are many opportunities in government jobs such as promotion and good tenure. Some of these good salary government job details and salary estimates are given. Govt jobs are more competitive as the salary is better.Top Highest Paying Government Jobs In India

Indian Administrative Services [IAS]

IAS is a very prestigious and tough job. Most of the government job seekers are looking for IAS and A-grade jobs like IAS, IFS, IPS, etc, and these kinds of jobs are given more priority. An IAS officer gets a free car, house, free electricity, and petrol expenses from the government. The salary range of an IAS is 55 to 60 thousand rupees. 


ISRO and DRDO are two government research organizations. Here the country’s technical and space research is done. Various types of defense-related research are conducted here. Various types of engineers and scientists are recruited here and the government gives them housing, free treatment, transportation, and salary increment and promotion. Salary range -70k 

RBI Officer 

Govt exam candidate’s preference to be RBI officer. This RBI staff is paid 1.5 lacs rupees by the govt every 2 years for traveling and with very good salary. It is a banking organization where employees are engaged in accounting work. Salary range 70k -80k

Indian Forest Service [IFS]

Indian forest service along with good govt holidays – For those who love environments like birds, trees, and forests there are very few jobs better than the IFS job. Here its officers have to protect the natural resources of countries and ensure that the forest laws are well enforced like conservation of rare trees, conservation of rare species, etc.

IFS officers have many roles. They monitor various things. They are independent from district administration along with good pay. Their salary range is 56k-67k and they are provided with housing alliance, electricity, water bill, medical facility, transportation, etc from the government. Even a pension is provided. 

PSU jobs 

Best govt organization for an engineering aspirant is PSU. This is not a single organization. PSU is a combination of many organizations. In PSU, to get a job in it you need to score well in GATE exam and competitive exam. And then selection will be done based on the interview.

One can hold the post of Engineering Trainee, Assistant Trainee, Account Officer, and Scientist. Here you will get a low-interest large amount loan along with a good salary and pension, medical facility, and other government benefits. Salary range -60-70K 

Indian Defense Service

if you are an adventurous person then you can apply for the IDS exam. Indian defense service is one of the most defense services in the world. India’s defense services are divided into three branches namely Army, Navy, and Air Force. To join these defense services one has to pass NDA, CDA exams. Different types of posts are appointed in each department. Major, Subedar Major, Colonel, and various posts are appointed. This NPA exam is conducted by UPSC.

Here cadets are given various types of allowances such as dearness allowance, project allowance, technical allowance, field area allowance, and high-affinity allowance apart from TPTA allowance. It depends on the state where you are posting. There is a travel allowance. Their salary range is 65-75k 

Lecturer in Government College

Teaching is a great job. If you love teaching or have taught before and teaching is your passion then you can become a teacher in a government college. The future of students depends on this work. That is why there is a lot of burden on the teacher and a half. To become a college professor you must have some years of burning experience only then you can become a college professor.

The position of professor has different parts and you may have to take responsibility for various things. For example, you may have to supervise admissions in course programs, develop class syllabi and course materials, and also look after post-graduate and graduate students. That is student counseling etc.

To get appointed for this professor post you need to pass A master’s degree with good marks and good results in NET exam which is conducted by UGC. And salary range with various allowances is  60-90k 

SEBI Grade A 

SEBI is a market regulator and it controls the safety of the market. It is a government organization, not regulated by law. SEBI is a group of people. The Chairman of SEBI is selected from the Indian Government and some members are selected by RBI and Union Finance Ministry. More employees are needed to maintain the service, you can apply here.

To apply here you need to pass minimum graduation. Most alliances and high salaries are offered here. And the allowances are – Durness Alliance, Special Alliance, Family Alliance, City Compensatory, Grade Alliance, and Learning Alliance. SEBI A Grade A has many categories. Like Officers, Assistance Managers Service A Grade Officers look after legal activities and problems. The assistant manager looks after market securities and indices etc. And their salary range is 80-90 k 


NABARD grade A officers are appointed to develop the agriculture sector of India and farmers to develop using new technology or management. Not only that, one of their tasks is to create farmers’ organizations and take care that government facilities are properly available to all organizations. This government organization takes care of village development work like arranging loans, infrastructure changes, and financial success.

This organization mostly focuses on three aspects and the aspects are development, loan, and finance, and looks after the process if it is running well. For example, increasing yield by using new technology in agriculture, arranging cold storage for their crops, arranging transportation of crops, and even strengthening organizations and rural organizations through education, etc.

The main goal is to practically implement various Government schemes. Grade A officers get various types of allowances like house rent allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, travel allowance, and even loan facility and pension and their salary range is 65-75k 


We have talked about some good salary government jobs here but not only these jobs, but there are also many more government jobs with good benefits and security. Here the salary and allowances of various government jobs such as RBI, IAS, SEBI Grade A, NABARD, Indian Défense Service, ISRO/DRDO, etc are given.

The salary and benefits of these jobs are constantly changing and the benefits depend on the government, the environment, the situation, and the economy. They are temporary. Hopefully, this article will provide some motivation and information.


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